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(first part, author unknown)

The Lord be with you…


In every birth, blessed is the wonder.

In every creation, blessed is the new beginning.

In every child, blessed is life.

In every hope, blessed is the potential.

In every transition, blessed is the beginning.

In every existence, blessed are the possibilities.

In every love, blessed are the tears.

In every life, blessed is the love

So today we simply give thanks to you God and celebrate all the many wonderful blessings this child brings and to see your grace lived out in their smiles, laughs, diaper changes, long nights, adorable expressions, precious naps, and even in the food that revisits (in more ways than one). You amaze us truly in all that they are and in all the ways that you have made us your own.  You showed us your love, grace and mercy in the birth of your Son and remind us today of those same gifts in the joyful birth of our child in Christ!

And we all say together, Amen!